When do I have to register by?

1st November 2019 via this link.

Who is the competition open to?

Anyone who currently works, lives or studies in Oxford, Cambridge, London or Berlin and anyone who used to study in Oxford, Cambridge, London or Berlin. If you do not fit these criteria, contact us and we’ll see what we can do!

Teams may enter so long as one person in their team meets the above criteria.

What can I build?

You can either choose to enter your own idea or startup or answer a technical challenge.

If I enter my own idea or startup, are there any restrictions?

You cannot have received third-party funding for this idea or startup prior to 1st November 2019.

Do I have to stick with the idea/challenge I choose in my entry form?

No, you can change later and up to the submission date!

How big should a team be? Can the team by just one person?

Teams can be from 1-6 people in size. You may enter as an individual.

Do the whole team need to fit the entry criteria?

Only person in the team needs to meet the entry criteria.

I’m an individual and want to find teammates, can you help me?

Yes! We can connect you digitally with other people looking for teammates or you can meet someone at our first meetup!

What prizes are available?

Anyone who enters the competition is eligible for the three top prizes: 1st: £20k, 2nd: £4k, 3rd: £1k. Then, if you enter a Challenge, you also become eligible for that Challenge’s prizes. These will vary (to be announced) but on average there are three £2,000-level prizes available per challenge.

What is involved in doing a challenge?

The Partner who sets the Challenge will offer support digitally and also they might organise meetups. This digital support will involve answering questions via email and on chat, arranging calls where necessary. You are not compelled to have any engagement with your Challenge Partner if so wish

When will I be informed if I have been accepted into the competition?

by Monday 4th November 2019

When are the Launch Events?

Monday 21st October: Berlin

Tuesday 22nd October: Oxford

Wednesday 23rd October: Cambridge

Thursday 24th October: London

All events 6.30pm-8pm with information fair from 8pm-10pm

What happens at the Launch Events?

There will be roughly one hour of presentations about the competition and challenges. This will be followed by an information fair with challenge providers and the organisers (including pizza and beer :))

What happens during the competition?

You have from 4th November to 16th February (submission date) to build your submission. You will be aided by four (optional) meetups in each city, as well as support from the Future of Blockchain team and the Challenge Partners. You can have as much or as little involvement.

When are the meetups and what is involved in them?

Meetups are scheduled for:

w/c 11th Nov 2019

w/c 25th Nov 2019

w/c 13th Jan 2020

w/c 27th Jan 2020

The purpose is to be an informal setting to get advice on your project and feedback. We’ll provide pizza and beer!

When is the submission date?

Sunday 15th February 2020

What do I submit?

An explanation, a demo, a presentational (optional) and codebase (where appropriate)?

Do I own what I build?

Yes, unless the challenge stipulates that the solution must be open-source.

What happens after I submit?

We’ll let you know the result by 1st March 2020. The best will be selected for a Demo Day to present for the top prizes. All prize winners will be announced on Demo Day too.

What happens at Demo Day?

The best projects will present to win the top prize. Challenge prize winners will be announced at this event too!

Other questions, email anthony@stakezero.com