What is the Future of Blockchain?

A 3-month competition to build something amazing involving blockchain.

Who is behind Future of Blockchain?

StakeZero Ventures, an early-stage blockchain VC

Who can enter?

Anyone so long as each team has at least one student, researcher, employee or alumni of the universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, LSE, UCL or KCL

What are the prizes?

Top prizes of £20k for 1st place overall. Then there are up to 3 grants of up to £2,000 for each of the Partner-sponsored challenges

Are the prizes in cash?

Yes, or crypto if you prefer

Do I have to be a developer to enter?

No - we have non-developer challenges

What challenge should I do if I am a non-developer?

Either the Creator Challenge, perhaps a startup, business idea or research paper that does not involve development .

How much time involvement is there?

As little or much as you like. At least, you just have to submit your project by Sunday 10th March 2018 (and pitch if you are a winner. At most, we’ll put on workshops every 2 weeks in your city and can connect you with developers and other mentors from our partners.

Do I have to attend the launch event?

We highly recommend so! You’ll here about the challenges and more about the competition. Click here for tickets!

Do I have to attend the workshops?

No but they might be useful!

When does the application window close?

Sunday 9th December 2018

How long does the competition last?

Participants submit their projects by Sunday 10th March 2019.

What are the criteria for those being chosen to enter the competition?

so long as each team has at least one student, researcher, employee or alumni of the universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, LSE, UCL or KCL

When do I have to submit what I’ve been working on?

By Sunday 10th March 2019

How do I submit what I’ve been working on?

Via email. You’ll receive a link closer to the time.

When is the pitch day?

Tues 19th March 2019

Do I own what I build in the competition?


Can I get investment on top of my cash prize?

Yes if your project is viable going forward. Both StakeZero and other leading VCs will look to invest in your project if it is good enough.

Can we submit multiple applications?

Yes but we strongly suggest you focus on one.

Can I enter my startup into FoB?

Yes, so long as it hasn’t received funding

Do I need to based in Oxford, Cambridge or London?


Do I need to attend the pitch day?

Definitely if you are a finalist and we highly suggest all other participants enter too to meet potential employers. All participants will receive a free ticket to the conference.

Can I enter as an individual?

Yes, though we recommend you have more than one person on your team. If you don’t know anyone, don’t worry - we’ll do a speed co-founder session!

How big should the team be?

1-6 people

Why only UK?

Given this is the first iteration of the competition, we decided to focus on one country. The UK was an easy choice for several reasons:

A. It has lots of leading universities

B. StakeZero has a London office

C. We already had a good contact base at UK universities

Why Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, LSE, UCL and KCL?

They’re 6 universities close to London that we have good contacts at!

Are you or your partners hiring?

Yes! Email for more!