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Liquidity Network

Liquidity Network is a protocol which allows the operation of off-chain payment hubs that securely connect multiple users together under one umbrella, such that locked collateral is orders of magnitude more transferrable. Users may register with a hub to deposit, transfer and withdraw money with their off-chain accounts. The protocol guarantees that the hub is unable to misappropriate user funds or otherwise steal from its clients.

Participants can choose to do one of the following:

Design an ecommerce platform integration

Businesses may be willing to accept crypto and customers may want to purchase products with their digital assets but integration has long been perceived as being too complicated. Now is the opportunity to work on fee-less transactions, we are asking you to go for it! No more complicated and expensive credit card transactions — pay online retailers instantly and for free using a QR code directly with your Liquidity wallet app for example.

Design a physical commerce use-case

Bring crypto to your local bakery. We would love to buy croissants and French baguettes in the knowledge that the baker will be receiving all of the money paid. Having a plug and play solution would be ideal, designing it so it is portable, somehow resistant and works well with low internet access. Compatibility with regular credit cards and payment methods would be a practical added feature.

Build a Streaming service

Streaming numbers have increased an unprecedented amount over the past ten years, however revenue generation can still be a struggle. Due to its micro payment capabilities, integrating liquidity as a pay per view for streamers is a perfect fit! As an extension to current platforms such as twitch or as a completely new streaming platform that is more aware of its users, this could help people be accurately rewarded for their work.


Delegated telegram: @liquiditydevelopers