The Santiment Challenge

In the Future of Blockchain competition, you can choose to build your own idea or answer a partner challenge. In return for answering a partner challenge, you can win one of up to 3 x £2,000 cash prizes as well as being considered for the £20,000 top prize.

One of our challenge partners is Santiment, a comprehensive platform for crypto-related data feeds, real-time signals and high-value market insights.

Here is Santiment explaining more about this challenge:

“We built a wide variety of custom on-chain, social and experimental metrics that you can learn about here. Even still, we continuously introduce new and improved data sets, in an effort to demystify crypto and create a better future society for all.

santiment picture 1.png

Pictured: Part of Santiment’s On-Chain Metrics

We invite you to use the power of our data to unravel the blockchain complexities and help shine a light on unique behavioral patterns of crypto market participants.

*Please note: you are in no way limited by only the below examples. If you have any other idea how to utilize our data or our platform, just let us know!

Challenge #1: Categorize market participants & network addresses

santiment 2.png

Pictured: Santiment’s ‘Daily Active Addresses’ metric

Using Santiment’s on-chain data, catalogue and classify network participants/addresses by a set criteria:

Example 1: Identify ‘cemetery addresses’ — addresses where the funds can’t ever be taken out, like the Ethereum Accounts, Address And Contracts

Example 2: Classify network participants by the nature of their transfers. These can include:



-ICO participants

-Whales investing in many tokens

-Whales investing in a particular token


Example 3: Batch wallets based on market behavior. These can include:

-Micro/Small/Medium/Large Trader

-Micro/Small/Medium/Large Holder

-Micro/Small/Medium/Large Incoming Investor

-Micro/Small/Medium/Large Outgoing Investor

Example 4: Classify addresses by their level of holding. Potentially identify addresses with lost private keys.

Challenge #2: Build tools for exposing fraud or improving transparency of crypto markets

We are dedicated to promoting trust and accountability across blockchain economies. In 2017, we launched Project Transparency, a voluntary disclosure standard adhered to by many of today’s industry leaders.

Example 1: Create a tool for detecting pump and dump schemes or exit scams

Use our on-chain data to identify cross-network pump and dump events, and analyze adjoining market patterns. For example, as you can see below, the speculation level for SAN token jumped starkly before the pump event at the end of 2017:

santiment 3.png

Example 2: Identify mixing activity and try to “unmix” it.

Mixing activity can be indicated by significant spikes in Token Velocity (one of our metrics). For example, there was a big mixer running on ETH between March 2017 — March 2018, which corresponded squarely to a spike in Token Velocity.

santiment 4.png

Pictured: Santiment’s ‘Velocity of Tokens’ metric

Challenge #3: Produce unique market insights and network analysis using our data

Leverage our data sets to scrutinize a project’s network, backtest an investment portfolio or perform original, innovative market research.

Example 1: Backtest the relative social dominance index and its viability as an investment strategy. This metric shows the relative social volumes of selected projects for 3 separate channels: Professional trader chats (pictured below), Telegram groups and Discord groups.

santiment 5.png

You can use this backtesting strategy that we performed for Github Activity (another one of our metrics) as an example.

Example 2: Analyze on-chain activity for crypto exchanges, and how it impacts the price of an asset.

Example 3: Analyze how popular smart contracts work, build exporter scripts for their data using GitHub — santiment/san-exporter (a library which lets you push data to Santiment), and perform analysis of the exported data.

Challenge #4: Create a brand new crypto metric

With help from our developer team, build a script for collecting and filtering relevant market or network data, and graphically plot the results over time.

Example 1: Devise a method to track the amount of ETH locked up in smart contracts over time, specifically:

- Amount of ETH locked in ENS (Ethereum Name Service) over time

- Amount of ETH locked up in Maker’s smart contracts as collateral for the DAI stablecoin

- Amount of ETH locked up in other smart contracts

Example 2: Devise a method to aggregate the amount of shorts and longs across all exchanges

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

We’re looking forward to your submissions and project ideas. Let’s build something great together!”


1) For a bird’s-eye view of what you can do with Santiment’s data, check out this thread.

2) For a detailed breakdown of our custom metrics and data feeds, go here.

3) Our API uses GraphQL: You can access the documentation here:

4) We also have a python library for easier access. The documentation for it is in our Github repository:

5) We have a repository with examples for using our API in different languages: