We believe blockchains are capable of much more than just financial applications and payments. We encourage you to think outside the box and build DApps for the masses on ThunderCore, regardless of whether you are a developer or not. We are challenging you to either,

1. Build a game that utilizes the ThunderCore blockchain 🎮

You can store and trade in-game assets easily, make your game mechanisms transparent and verifiable to attract users!

2. Or build any DApp that could attract mass adoption 🔥

Leverage ThunderCore’s high performance to realize ideas that weren’t feasible before!

We believe in blockchain for the masses, and we provide you early access to ThunderCore, our high performance(1000+TPS), fully Ethereum compatible blockchain for you to realize your ideas. Gaming is just one of the many areas we envision blockchain will be revolutionary and achieve mass adoption. Look around and use your imagination!


1. For non-blockchain developers 💻👨‍💻💻

Great news for you: You don’t have to know Solidity or any smart contract programming languages in order to get involved!

Using ThunderCore Gaming Marketplace SDK, you can leverage our API to create and store assets on the blockchain for you. The API will take care of all the hassles of coding and deploying your ERC (e.g. ERC-1155) compliant smart contracts.

In this age of decentralization, you don’t have to trust our API server, that’s totally fine and you shouldn’t take it for granted. If you want to verify we’ve done things correctly for you, you can either read the smart contracts we deployed for you from the ThunderCore blockchain, or code up your own ones:

2. For seasoned blockchain developers 🔗👩‍💻🔗

- Get free test tokens and deploy your smart contracts on our award-winning public Testnet

Contact us directly and we will give you more free test tokens to play around with.
- Stay updated with our development and open-source efforts, star our GitHub repository

3. Non-developers

We recommend you to team up with some developers to make your ideas into at least some minimal viable products (MVP)