Make X on Zilliqa, where X could be:

1. Blockchain based P2P payments on web and/or mobile (Non-blockchain examples are services like Revolut, Transferwise etc. ) or P2P lending platform

2. Marketplace for selling real-world items (building on top of a P2P payments functionality)

3. Prediction markets (e.g. Oracle), but without any aspects of gambling

4. Quora/Reddit like platforms with rewards that can be traded for cryptocurrencies and/or fiat (e.g. Reddit gold system or giving a bounty for best answer on Quora)

5. Or, you can also choose to make a compiler from Scilla to WASM 


Here are several technical documentations to help you get started with Zilliqa's safe-by-design smart contract language- Scilla: 

[1] Scilla Documentation: https://scilla.readthedocs.io/en/latest/

[2] Scilla IDE: https://savant-ide.zilliqa.com/

[3] TestRPC for Zilliqa (aka Kaya): https://github.com/Zilliqa/kaya

For any other resources, please refer to the Scilla webpage: https://scilla-lang.org/ 

For any questions, please talk to us in our Gitter channel for developers: https://gitter.im/Zilliqa/